Lead Generation

This service is not complicated - with a little bit of research and planning, we will send you as many warm ready to buy leads from any segment of the marketplace as would like.

How Our Service Works...

Step 1

We work with you to determine what your target market and whom exactly falls into this category. 

Understand who you are selling your services to

Some marketing specialists might describe this as building a customer avatar using demographic data.

Step 2

Then we determine the most suitable methods for acquiring the best possible leads for your business. 

After that we’ll go out to get leads and send them to you so that you can convert them into revenue for your business! 

Step 3


(as needed)


We can do this as often as you desire and promise consistent results at a price that is less than what it would cost elsewhere to purchase lukewarm or even cold customer leads and data.

We will generally use a variety of methods and guarantee the validity and quality of what we send you.

Flying Dutchman Media

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